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You're banned game
I ban sacredcake because he put the thought of cake in my mind and I don't have any....
I ban KJ for not coming round to get a piece of the sacred cake haha
sacredcake Wrote:It doesn't matter, we should start the fashion agency soon Big Grin

"Positive" --------------> Are you sure you posted in the right topic hahhahaa

I ban Bowyn because he doesn't ban a lot of people Big Grin

Haha yep, wrong post. Whoopsy! I ban sacred cake for not offering me a piece.
Torte Here's a whole cake for you airborn :biggrin:

I ban airborn for posting in the wrong topic Cool
Oh yea, any one want some? Ill share Smile

I ban sacredcake for trying to tempt me a whole cake when we are working towards an agency and have a shopping date comming up. A girl has to fit in them clothes. Lol
lol I ban airborn for accusing me of sabotaging her diet as a top model :biggrin:
i ban sacredcake for having such a nice weather in Cairo :-)
I ban hmmm for not saying that in German :biggrin:
I ban Sacred Cake for being so serious in his avatar.

*tickles SC to make him smile*
[Image: 51806835273_f5b3daba19_t.jpg]  <<< It's mine!
I ban Cellar for tickling the wrong person. Wink

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