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You're banned game
I ban Marvinteck for being an insane poster! Look out for the men in their white van with the big syringe! Big Grin
I ban blueeyes for having the title of a Within Temptation song in his location.
I ban everyone here for participating in this thread but especially blueeyes23 for having tits on his avatar
I ban Mr. Not So Lonely for changing his user name.
Xrimo is banned because I can't pronounce his username...
I ban Sil because he's a Virgo.
I ban Nocturnal for being the first to post anything on my submissions and for posting more times on this thread than anyone.
I ban Teen14 for not saying how awesome I am!
I ban XRIMO for being cocky. (No pun intended, XP.)
I ban march for not being able to breath under water? o.O

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