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You're banned game
Banned for piquing my interest.

Boxer wrestling? Is that like this kind of wrestling, but while wearing boxers?
[Image: sushil%20kumar2--621x414.jpg]
Because I would buy tickets! Smile
banned for woofing!
Banned for being prejudiced against woofers.
Banned for not boxer wrestling.

[Image: daisey.Bobbi.jpg]
banned for beanies!!!!
Banned for being nekkid under your clothes.
Banned for being a Monrovian.
Banned for thinking John Lennon was stalked by his killer.
(the killer just came to the famous Dakota building where everyone knew he lived [Yoko's still there] and shot him)
Banned for being from New York.
Banned for giving me a nightmare last night. Gosh. It was all snowy out in that part of my dream, and I dreamed I like saw this, I don't know, guy, kind of husky, I went to see him and as he came into view it turned into like this wolf monster thing. It had whitish greyish fur, and like this long wolf snout thing kind of like Scrap's snout from Ice Age only longer and with sharper teeth. It started jumping on me and I tried to push it away and it started biting my hand. Ugh, I had to kill it with a dream gun. Stay out of my dreams Lalo! I got lost during a dream flood after that. I better not turn into a dream werewolf in my dream tonight because of that.

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