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You're banned game
banned for not inviting me to dinner
hmm, do I really need a reason? :biggrin:
Banned for banning without a reason. Wink
Banned for lack of participation.

And further banned for allowing your life to keep you from the more important things in life, to wit, Gayspeak. And you are hereby formally banned for being too wolfy.

You may not be here often enough to get banned enough, so I hit you with a triple ban to let you know that some people think about you.
Banned for lovin' on me with the banning!

I missed you too! Wink
banned because u're just a little too lovable
Banned for being guilty of the alleged crime :biggrin:
Banned for banning a fine piece of wool. Rofl

banned for being understanding

thanks Wink
Banned for being understood.

And Lalo, banned for not banning krupt when you had the chance.

Krupt is banned for escaping a ban.


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