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You're banned game

Banned for wanting to eat my flappy things!
The owl's banned for thinking all wings work for flying. Think of the penguins!

And the duck's banned for overestimating the savory flavor of his wings. Surely he has other parts more worth savoring Wink
Banned for making me think of duck parts... a phrase that I truly never expected to say within my lifetime! Rofl
I't peeking duck! P-e-e-k-i-n-g duck!
Got that?
I't's peeking duck what's all soft 'n savory 'n juicy!

Waddle off all of you!

I'm South African duck!

I wear hob-nail boots and have survived Lions, cheetahs, township dogs, vultures and elephants with prehensile penises!

I'm as tough as old takkie!

Phisst to mere wolves & owl's

Banned for not knowing the difference!
mutter, mutter, mutter Them's what just want's to eat me HUH!

Although they do say my 55 year old "white sauce" is quite savoryDrool-smiley
Banned for taunting a wolf. (Silly duck) Wolfie
Ban Trial for phisst-ing owls (um?) Wink
Ban Miles for citing penguins :p
Ban Lalo for making me laugh ^^ Biglaugh

Owlie for banning three at the same time, not allowed, remember?

Wolfie for scaring the crap out of me with his "werewolf sheep", farmyards will never be the same again...

Ban Miles for....... ? Can't remember but banned anyhow...

So there! put that in your pipes 'an smoke it!! :biggrin:

Trial by error
Banned because I am up late at night and I may or may not have a properly articulated answer as to why I am banning you when I am fully rested.

For not getting your beauty sleep... Not that you need it, mind

Trial by error
Banned for twying to hunt for wabbits instead of ducks.

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