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You're banned game

<========Do I even look confused?

Confused? never! I have never, ever,ever, ever been confused!

I'm the South African Duck that migrates miles and miles and miles..... (why does that sound so familiar??????) NEVER MIND a long long way South in summer.

How can I! Daffy the one brain cell'd duck be confused?

Just....... Aaaaaaaaah Kwaaaaack!

Phisssst banned!
Banned for making me laugh! I'm trying to be GRUMPY!!!
You'r welcome

And I gift a grumpy old duck that's not confused :biggrin:
banned for not being the grumpy dwarf
Banned because I haven't been able to ban your Pacificalisexilicious butt for a LONG time! Smile
Banned for using big words but thank you anyway
See all (shakes tail feathers vigourously)
Lalo finds my old butt sexy.. :biggrin:

Trial by error
banned for being in the south
banned for being out west.
banned for living on a rock
Banned for being unstoppable.

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