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You're banned game
Banned for not banning in your most recent post!
Banned for banning B.A.......what did he ever do to you?!
Banned for not keeping up.
Hee's your slave now... Ban him you can't
Banned for selling me to two masters.

Matthew 6:24

"[I]No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other."[/I]
Who the heck is Matthew?
Has he posted here before?

If you think 2 masters be a problem, I might just pass you round to the owl as well, you undiciplined, naughty sub... now be gone and mow that sand without a grass box and I want to see some results back and front!
I got a feeling my arse is going to be singing the Star Spangled Banner if you keep passing me around like this... to paraphrase Odi....

Lawn is mowed by the way, which incidentally grows in sand, since this property is about 90 feet of sand before you hit clay mixed with gravel So I mowed the sandbox...

All of the sand box, all two acres of the sand box...

Banned for not even noticing the lawn/sand was mowed
Good boy, now go put on Odi's size 2 shoes and hobble off to the kitchen and make me a decent cup of coffee.... You do know how I like it don't you?

And if you get that right you miserable excuse of a sub, I might, might just ask the owl to give you back to me!
Um no.

Banned for not punishing me soon enough for saying no.

[Image: Ryan-Gosling-Wink-Half-Nelson.gif]
Sorry, kids arrived with prezzzies (see not that anyone cares)


If that be you in the photo, thrice banned for being gorgous Hubba-hubba-smiley....

Trial by error
Banned for not realizing the hair is not long enough to be an elf.

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