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You're banned game
Bowyn Aerrow Wrote:We know what you did next summer!

Didn't know working was a crime..

bah, I'll start caring when the calendar hits December 21...and then I'll be so busy ranting over xmas and new year I'll forget momentarily that it's summer..

Banned for reminding me there is such a dreadful thing as summer
Banned for advocating giraffe sex
Banned for turning Giraffes Gay.
Banned for putting the "pecattum contra naturam" advocators in danger Xyxthumbs
Banned for dropping an all important 'C' in peccattum contra naturam
Banned for doing a bit of bird (prison)
Banned for being a bit of bird (owl)
Banned for ramming it home. Ewe know what I mean.
Banned for not knowing what you mean
Banned for pestering everyone with the same question over and over again:


We told you, now stop asking.... Damned owl.

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