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You're banned game
banned for forgetting to tell me we are out of crackers.... Now I have to eat a slice of bread with my roman.... I mean ramen....
Banned for thinking I would remember about crackers after 107 f***ing mass spectrometry samples
banned for fucking self-censorship
Banned for having hid the crackers behind the toaster.....
Banned for not knowing you left them there...

soon enough you'll be "where are my glasses?" "you're wearing them, D"

(I find it so cute when my 96 year old grampa ask where his hat is while he has it on)
Banned for the most heinous and most unforgivable of crimes - Assuming I would ever admit I need to wear glasses!
Banned for hatin' on the spectacles. I have a vested interest in insisting that glasses add hotness points.
True....I would deem good Bowyn to outright kill with glasses on..

Banned for making me fantasize!
Banned (Both of you) for not understanding there is very little I am vain about, and its only wearing glasses....

Most likely due to a long high school full of twirlies, purple nurples and being 'taught' that nerdism and geekism are against the natural order of the world.
Banned for not realizing that 30 year later it's still the same

Personally I got bullied by 5 guys all way bigger than me, got stripped of my clothes (not sure why they did that) and got locked in the bathroom in my undies several several times...:frown:

never got any type of complex about "geek traits" out of it ....and I learned to take a beating very well..

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