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You're banned game
Banned for encountering a problem and needing to close.
Banned for not fixing the problem
Banned for not knowing that I too dont play video games.... I'ts hell on earth with webbed feet :biggrin:
Banned for going to the farm so often so I'm already ahead of you and we probably won't have 3k mania
Banned for encouraging me to have insestious sexual relations with my closest relative, my alter-ego Stefanus...

Nee sies manBiglaugh
Banned for hypocrisy..if you didn't want to you woldn't be posting about it in the first place :tongue:
Banned cause I asked for advice and you told me too...


Have nookies
Banned for giving me nookies :tongue:
Southbiochem está prohibido porque puedes hablar inglés mejor que hablo español.

I didn't use a translator for that, just what I remember from high school, how was it? I'm trying to say you speak English better than I can speak Spanish and I feel as though I'm using more or less words than I should in Spanish.
It is actually not bad Master Chase, kudos..Confusedmile:

sole correction: when you say "está" (he is) you follow with "puede" (he can) cause you're in Third person

otherwise you should go with "estás" (you are) and follow with puedes (you can) in the Second person..

other than that, good

(also, prohibido is a valid translation for banned but tends to lean more towards forbidden...synonyms, sure...but "vetado" is probably best)

Banned for forgeting that me learning English was outright necessity as it is not only the lingua franca of the world in general, but also of the scientific on the other hand, are not obligated to learn Spanish

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