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You're banned game
Banned for making me join word games
Banned for cultural exchange.

@Meebs, banned cause I was suppose to ban Evan!

I - Ako - Yo (from the latin Ego bwahahaha)

You - Ikaw/Ka (I need examples) - Tú

He/She - Siya - Él / Ella (pronounced eya)

We - Kami - Nosotros

They - Sila - Ellos (Pronounced eyos)
Banned because IDK WHY GRRR
southbiochem Wrote:You - Ikaw/Ka (I need examples) - Tú

banned for asking for examples

ikaw is mostly used at the beginning of a sentence. Ka is mostly in the end

Ikaw ay Gwapo - sounds formal though

Gwapo ka/mo - informal
Banned for being the hot teacher I'm not suppose to fantasize about hahaha

ok, then, verbs

to be, to do and examples
Banned banned banned banned
Banned for 4-fold banning
Banned because I am so bored
Ok it's getting harder..

This is the complicated part for foreigners....ugh

even I cant teach it

ok let's start with something simple first. We'll be using the "kain" (eat) verb

Kumain - Ate

Kakain - About to eat

it's so different with other verbs..ugh. :/
banned for not banning the person below you instead of the person above you :v

that was meant for meebs but evan always ninjas me so he gets it instead Big Grin

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