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You're banned game
i ban jaxc for being from toledo.
I ban wakeboarder for being pensive Wink
dfiant Wrote:I ban CellarDweller because that was a bloody good grope Smile

You're welcome! I've been told I'm a great kisser too.

I ban Mum for pretending to be angelic!
[Image: 51806835273_f5b3daba19_t.jpg]  <<< It's mine!
i ban cellar because he likes to tickle! Wink
i ban wakeboarder for not passing me a drink
I ban jaxc for not telling us about his hometown of Toledo, Ohio. "The city was founded in 1833 on the west bank of the Maumee River, originally incorporated as part of Monroe County, [COLOR="Blue"]Michigan Territory, then re-founded in 1837, after conclusion of the Toledo War, (WTF?) when it was incorporated in Ohio."[/COLOR],_Ohio

[Image: Toledo-Ohio-map200.jpg][Image: gaygiftgodbillboardx390.jpg]
[Image: toledo_real_estate_3.jpg]
Banning Wes for being an Aquarius....
[Image: aquarius.gif]

The Water Carrier
January 21 to February 19

Aquarian Traits

Friendly and humanitarian
Honest and loyal
Original and inventive
Independent and intellectual

On the dark side....

Intractable and contrary
Perverse and unpredictable
Unemotional and detached
jaxc Wrote:i ban dfiant for doing yoga, yoga is like totally lame! ( just imagine me saying that in a valleygirl accent:biggrinSmile

I ban jaxc for falsly accusing me of doing anything that relates to exercise....this body has carried me 43 years without exercise, it will carry me another 43 without yoga Tongue Biglaugh
I ban dfiant for being too sweet.
I ban Mum for making me blush :redface:

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