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Your Daily Horoscope v1.02
NOTE: Please do this ONLY once a day:
Zodiac Sign of Crush:

Pisces - You will be visited by (a/n)
Aries - You will be guided by (a/n)
Taurus - You will be mentored by (a/n)
Gemini - You will be eaten by (a/n)
Cancer - You will be granted superpowers by (a/n)
Leo - You will be lectured by (a/n)
Virgo - You will be rewarded by (a/n)
Libra - You will be punched by (a/n)
Scorpio - You will be tickled by (a/n)
Sagittarius - You will be abducted by (a/n)
Capricorn - You will be bugged by (a/n)
Aquarius - You will be kissed by (a/n)

Chinese Zodiac of Enemy:

rat - alien
ox - queen
tiger - starfish
rabbit - Rugrat
dragon - Ronald McDonald
snake - Evil Knievil
horse - Paula Deen
goat - Athena
monkey - Will Smith
rooster - Hermione
dog - Buddha
pig - Nero

then, /(your birth date) - (the date of today)/ = /n/


n=1 - and will be given a fortune cookie.
n=2 - and will be kicked in the ass.
n=3 - and will be singing "Die Another Day" by Madonna.
n=4 - and will be congratulated by him.
n=5 - and will be forced to do the limbo.
n=6 - and will be slapped in the ass for disobeying.
n=7 - and will be a DJ for a year.
n=8 - and will be singing "Satan loves me."
n=9 - and will be kicking some ass today.
n=0 - and will be blatantly bombing the United States White House.
n=odd integer >9 - and will be decking the halls with boughs of holly.
n=even integer >9 - and will be painting the roses red.
You will be lectured by Athena and will be singing "Satan loves me."
"You will be bugged by Evil Knievil and will be painting the roses red."

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