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Youtube Videos
Lilmy87 Wrote:Here is a clip from a performance by members of the 'Anjali' dance company, a professional contemporary dance group whose members all have learning disabilities. I love this, hope you will too!

princealbertofb Wrote:I thought I would share with you this extraordinary and breathtaking example of male dancing... Peter Schaufuss in "Le Corsaire", no less.

both fantastic performances... Amazing how these great ballet dancers make such things look so effortless.
I don't know if this means anything to anyone outside the UK, but anyway ... Wink

[COLOR="Purple"]Was funny.

I couldnt understand much of what they were saying and dont get the Top Gear bit but was funny anyways.[/COLOR]
A few weekends ago I attended a great jazz/swing night, which included a free dance lesson... we didn't quite master it as these couples have, though... breath taking!!

[COLOR="Purple"]That was amazing Lil...

Has anyone seen this film RIZE by the crazy amazing photographer David LaChapelle?

At the beginning of the film there is a statement that the film speed was not sped up... I think that in some of this trailer/clip some of the shots were slowed down Disoriented [/COLOR]
Hope no one is offended

lol i found his vids on the tsunami day (when hawaii was gona get hit by that tsunami on feb. 27 but nothing happened) and his videos are col and the guy is cute.....



someone posted this on another site... um, I really like the tune but also think there may be something else going on here Poke2
[COLOR="Purple"]Seems like everyone in the world has seen this vid but me Wavey

... difficult to tell if it was really done in one shot... there are sooooo many digital tricks that can be done these days. What do you think?

I also like this version... maybe I like it better :biggrin:


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