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Youtube Videos
fjp999 Wrote:... like the tune but also think there may be something else going on here Poke2
I guess it's probably not the poetry in the lyrics, so I'm opting for gender duplicity Scan
What English sounds like to non speakers of English:

and a spontanious rendition of Do Re Mi , Antwerp:

Wintereis Wrote:What English sounds like to non speakers of English:

and a spontanious rendition of Do Re Mi , Antwerp:
Thanks for these, Wintereis - what fun Confusedmile:
I'm glad you told me the first one was in English, I didn't understand a word. Enjoyed the dance though, and even the music. Dance

A flash mob may be supposed to look "spontaneous", but I bet they had a bit of rehearsal Wink Anyone here ever taken part in one?

I'm a latecomer to The Sound of Music. I hated it for years when I was younger. It took my favourite band to come up with this to make me listen to it. (Do, Re, Me starts at around 2:50, but Wondergirl is fab too). There isn't a date on this, but the suits, members of the band and the songs place this on the European tour in 1972.

Poetry on youtube by Gay and Lesbian Poets:

Langston Hughes

Walt Whitman

Adrienne Rich

[COLOR="Purple"]Thanks for those Wintereis... I just got to watch the Adrienne Rich one and loved it. Will come to the others later.

Thanks again.[/COLOR]
Lets Revive this thread:biggrin: ill post funny videos for people to cheer up

Kelly SullivanLol2

ill post another 1 soon if u guys want me too but you can just watch it on youtube
[COLOR="Purple"]OMG, Moo... this is too funny!!! I really love the 1:29 where she starts phoning with her tongue sticking out!!!

For a cheap thrill (and a good ogle) here's one of an interview of Louisiana model Gil Dominach with a little thrilly moment in the middle... check it out...

o.....i saw it:tongue: i wont spoil it for any1..... but it is in the middle i guesss....


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