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Youtube Videos
great vid marsh - he's a top street rider, i like to see some of the failed attempts because it helps to show just how hard it is to pull some of those trick and how much they put themselves through for that one perfect moment - i have the scars to prove it with my riding so i know he has way more than me
marshlander Wrote:Not much leaves me speechless ... this did.

MARSH!! This guy is amaizing, truly awsome. And i have met and talked to him. He is my idol and hes prob the coolest most down to earth guy i have ever met. His skills are mad, yet he is the most modest person on the plannet.

We watched him perform at the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup - Fort William Stage in july. He then posed for a photo with me. Didnt get to talk to him at that point, however we were totaly just mucking about on our bikes on the Fort William high street at the Party In The Fort, and BOOM he came flying up, bunny hoped like 1 metre into the air onto a railing and down the other side which was like 2 - 3 meters!! He said hi and talked for a little but. Seriously this guy is a god on his bike, and if i could ever be half as good as him i would be the happiest guy around!!

and best of all.......Hes Scottish and from Skye....Purfect... just wished he was gay Wink

Well there ya go! xx
I need a guy whose name doesn't end in .JPG

так что вы приняли время для перевода этого

"Very funny, Scotty. Now beam down my clothes."
Glad you enjoyed the last one. PA and I are practising this routine ... not really!

marshlander Wrote:Not much leaves me speechless ... this did.

wow! that was pretty awsome!
Genuine or not, it's still priceless Wink

[COLOR="Navy"]I really don't know how to properly describe how I feel watching this video. I first saw it on the Comedy Central show 'Tosh.0'

I will leave you all to make your own judgments....[/COLOR]

I guess humour doesn't always translate easily.
I came across this on my cousin's Facebook profile.

Nabil Shaban's is a voice most of us would rather not have to listen to. It's a voice we don't hear often enough. Very powerful.

marshlander Wrote:

WOW!! I didn't know something can look beautiful and painful at the same time! Breathtaking!

Here is a clip from a performance by members of the 'Anjali' dance company, a professional contemporary dance group whose members all have learning disabilities. I love this, hope you will too!

I thought I would share with you this extraordinary and breathtaking example of male dancing... Peter Schaufuss in "Le Corsaire", no less.


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