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a new release "Keep the Lights On"
might be a nice movie, just about to be released
"Keep the Lights On"

Are you like me? Still hungry, craving even, for that image of gay romance, sex and spark??? I never tire of gay stories... I guess we're needing representation...
This is what it's all about: connections.
Hopefully It will be on Sundance soon and I can see it.
it looks good, can't wait to see it.
The New Normal is fun too... Have you seen it?
new normal; next show is 2 weeks away on the 18th

another show i found is ThreeSome 2011
the whole situation is less frivolous and seems the characters really care about the child. It's great the gay character is the responsible one of the threesome (guy on the left). This show aired in the UK and there are 7 episodes
[Image: threesome.jpg].
Yes, I've seen it too. It was fun.

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