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about me
i am vishal. i am from india. i'm 20 years old and i am a gay for the past 8 years. i havent told anyone about this because of our indian society doesnot accept this for the most part.
Welcome, Vishal. Talk about anything you like on here. We'll be your audience Smile
Hi and Welcome :-)
Proud to be Gay & Pagan

[Image: pentagramm.gif]

31.10 Samhain, All Hallows Eve, Halloween
21.12 Yule
STOP eating Animals !
Hello and welcome! :}
[SIZE=2]Like Marshlander said, you can talk to us about anything.Confusedmile:
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so
Hi and welcome to GS.
Hey Vishal! Like marshlander said you could talk about anything you like here.
Welcome to GS! It's good to see people from unique countries such as India.
Welcome dude Big Grin
Thanks Everyone. I forgot about this post. Thanks once again.

should I say about mem how it happened and all

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