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about me
i am cameron ( thats my nick name, my real name is chris. )
So im bi. I came for web action but i didint know there was a no frontal pic rule lol. But i have a big penis if you wanna know that and im athletic shape, normal for my age. So yea. If you wanna trade pics, pm me.
Lol we will keep that in mind, we try to make this website more so for people who want serious help and discussions because there are too many sites out there just for sex, but I'm sure you can find someone here who would humor you. Anyways welcome to the forums
I haz a penguin!
[Image: penguin.gif]
yep thanks
Welcome, I suppose, but there are plenty of other sites to see cock. We do have a lot of younger people on here too, so keep your hands where we can see them, okay Wink

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