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as a new start
So Germany isn;t that bad if you don;t give a damn about the person next to you on the street Big Grin . Lots of turkish haters and so on.
could say that about any large city
pellaz Wrote:could say that about any large city

Exactly, London is the same and I imagine the big cities in the US are even worse (although that is pure speculation!).
If there's one thing driving truck all those years taught me, it's that people are the same no matter where you go and, that isn't good.

New York, L.A., Miami, Chicago, Atlanta, Houston and any of the rest of them, all the same. Churches pretending to know God, A drunk in the gutter, the sound of gunfire ringing out, sirens blaring, a man with a sign that says he'll work for food, a woman screaming form an upstairs window while her husband beats her, a baby in that dumpster over there and, that gay guy in the alley that's about to self medicate once again. (And I haven't even gotten to the dock with my load of freight yet. There's more on the way out of this/every city.)
Cities are just things, material things. Cities have no motions, no caring - it is the inhabitants.

If the city is inhabited by humans, then do expect there to be a lot of anger, hatred, pettiness, selfishness, greed and lots of other nasty stuff.

And to some minor extend is the virtues, kindness, compassion, love, blah.

It is human nature you are experiencing. As far as I know every place where humans congregate in such massive numbers, there is ugly all over.
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[SIZE=4]I told you I had the body of a 25 year old....

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I meant that back in romania, Bucharest or Contanta let;s say , people look mean and start pointing fingers and stuff " That guy looks gay , just look at him" . Here people comment only if youe ngage them, they don;t stare, don;t point fingers Big Grin . I am safe here , hope i won;t have to fight again Sad
I need to change as my ex said
It is encouraging to hear you're in a place where you can relax with your sexuality Miahi! Hope you find some happiness in that! BE SAFE!!! Xyxthumbs
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I am pretty sure nearly every main city is like that.

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