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becareful of horses
this is not a joke but afunny event that happend to me
i was working in a hippie house and we were protesting the veitnam was
there were like440 guys and gals there at the house had to keep 5 people in protest duty 24 /7 so this one guy he was a preacher of our mob any was he happens to be gay
but the house ws out in the country and directly across from the house is a feild and there was this stallion there i swear he had working gaydar because when any went over to greet the horse he would run up to the fence to see if maby you had some sugar a few lumps would make him very freindly and some times we would take hima hunk of sugar cain we got from the marker well he was just a normal happy horse but any time he saw this guy
he would get a hard on aand start whinnieing for attention
i mean if he saw this guy come out of the house and go to the car he would run to the fence and he would get a hard on so being i could never pass up a chanch totease the guy
i talked to him and asked him if he was going out at night and giveing the horse a bj and he was the kind of guy that would tence up not in a fighting pose but in a kinds scared rabbit kinda way i had known him for many years so finely he decited the horse must hve gaydar but there were lots of other gay guys there in the group and the horse never did any thing except when he say the guy it just was so damm strange.i felt i had to share it
ok in the old days we got harrested plenty
i wwas at this party when the cops raided us they shoed up like 40,strong or so and with a bran new video cam some one had just denoated to themso thes guys are looking around and tapeing every thing they could not find any thing illeages happing there
but they said there aught to be a law against all us perverts being in the same place we were probaly planing out next raid on school yearde or something so they stoped tapeing
and started checking peoples id's and writeing down all the info so after about an hour they went away but toke the host dowwntown while they checked with the da to see if they could get him for contributing to the deliquency of minors there were about 5 of us that were not 21 yo and aything under that age made you a minor at the time so theyall took off and we started to see where we could get the money to get a lawyer so we could get him released imeaditly befor he was assulted or tripped over something and hurt himself
when suddenly we realized they had forgotten the cam and associated equipment it was imeaditly put in a car and so the camara haappend to besperited away it was a good one and the rest was top of the lineso the cam went to a deler in goods and that gave us enough to pay for lawyer and quick action. Mean while the cop who was responcaple for the thing came back and asked if he had forgotten his cam when he was there eariler
and surprise he was rather polite and civel to us we let him look around and we tryed our best but we desided the cam must be in one of the other cops cars it sure wasint here
and all of us felt just great about his studidity i was young then and i was mainly just there as support worker never drank or anything but got to meet lots of gay people andstay away from my parents places it matterednot what i was doing as long as i was working it was ok and i always made a few dollers tips and such for all the work i did and they could all focus on the main object of the party and have fun
hotshot70 Wrote:The first joke seems to talk of beastiality. I find that offensive.
That's fine.
Some people find that offensive.

If i didn't know any better hotshot, i'd say you're trying to make a point about an imagined double standard or something, connected to another thread.Rolleyes
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so

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