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my bf bites and occasionally its not bad but a few times hes left bruises advice on how to get him to not bite as much( ive already asked him to)
Punch his teeth out! Rofl

Just kidding!
Still wondering what I'll be when I grow up.
Have you shown him the bruises. If not expose them.

Maybe he'll get less aggressive seeing what damage he could do.

If not it's best to just bring it up. Ask him if he can tone it down just a little. He's your lover he'll understand.
I dated a biter once. we were sitting at the light house at Fingal Head in the far north of NSW and making out and he bit me once...told him I hate that and if he does that again he is walking home. Fingal head is fairly isolated, probably a 10km walk to the nearest public transport.

He never got back to me to let me know how he enjoyed his walk.
May be hard to resist whilst being in the heat of the moment. Tell him again, show him the bruises and worst case scenario show him some tough love. If he continues to bite, you won't give him anything to bite.
[Image: 20c62a6f57503c8c9ad8f289b603d0d4fd37b8e2_hq.gif]
Some people can't help it, usually when they orgasm is when they need to bit the hardest. Get him a medium size dog toy that is a tiny bit squishy, but won't be easily destroyed. Yes it's silly, but it protects your skin, lets him bite, and, it will make him more aware of when he is biting too hard, and help him learn to control his "fangs".

Ball gags work too, but not everyone is willing to wear one of those every time they have sex.
I wouldn't be complaining Tongue bite back
I've been known to give love bites occasionally myself.

If it gets to be a bother for you, just be blunt and tell him to ease off a bit. Like others said previously, it can be very difficult to control one's self in the heat of the moment, he may not realize he is biting harder than what he thinks he may.
the logic:
where you feel you have complete dibs on your boy friend you are really only sharing each other. its a mutual thing. So to turn this around you are letting him bite you. Never let someone treat you bad. If you dont stop this boy what will you let the next man do to you?

the example:
say you find a guy with relationship potential. But as he gets to know you he starts to sex you in the way u dis like. tell him a couple of times no and made him stop. So the third time just leave, no muss no fuss.
Best thing to do is tell him it isnt good and if he dont stop then either bite him back or tell him there is more affection after his kept his teeth in his gobn!

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