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boy needed help coming out
Okay, So back again like I said I would ... now I came out on Christmas and it was time for my boy to come out and he needed some help .. so I figured I would share his story ...

So, we went to my boyfriends house around 6pm on Saturday night for dinner (Jan 1st) It was my boyfriend, myself, his mother and father and his older sister .. older by like 5 days haha ... Both of us are straight acting, athlete's in college, I was just another "friend" ... I felt so glad I came out that he wanted to but didn't know how to do it ... so I figured I would help him to the best of my ability.

We all got done with dinner and they were going to open some presents - He had an internship so he wasn't home for Christmas ... and for some odd reason I got a present .. "I am just a friend" in their eyes ... so he opened a few presents, and then I opened mine, and it was a book I really wanted ... nothing spectacular .. well ECLIPSE haha but neither here nor there haha

After we were all just sitting around the couch watch some weird ass movie and I brought up the topic of "gays" oh, because I saw one in the movie .. I said something like what do you all think about gay people, I mean doesn't he act a little homosexual .. just something to get it out in the open. The mother said: word for word ... "GAYS- OH MY GOD, I LOVE THEM" so I came back with, "you love me?" ... she goes ... are you gay? I go, Yes Ma'am I am, and just recently came out to my friends and family. They were shocked it seemed, the sister said now I can't think of even being with you haha, I said it's all good, we can go shopping hehe. It's weird because his dad was semi taken back but semi interested, like questions, does it hurt? and stuff I was like ah that's for me to know and you to find out haha ... but it went well, and the dad was all like, you are a college athlete, I said yeah and I still hit home runs like a straight boy don't I. He laughed ..

So, they were like Tyler "aka boys name" what do you think of your friend being gay and he's like it's pretty cool .. and I said ah just pretty cool, he laughed, leaned over and kissed me, looked up and says Mom, Dad, Sis ... I am his boyfriend .. I am gay as well and have known since the age of 16 ... Everyone started crying, the sister said ... I actually thought you were, He was like how, she goes I know you are straight acting, play sports, but you barely ever dated, kissed, or held hands with women, and not to mention I caught you looking at gay porn once but thought it was a stage ... everyone kind of chuckled and his Mom ended up saying she had a gut feeling but didn't want to come forth and push you on it ... which is good, because my mother had the same feeling, but she asked me and I denied it until I told her ...

It was awesome, so now we are both out to our friends and family! YaY .. I couldn't be happier, I knew I was gay the second I kissed a man, the second I bottomed, because I cried not because it hurt but because I finally found myself, and it wasn't a minute to late .. I love being gay, but I definitely do not flaunt it and nothing against people who do, but I am more your jock type looking man ... but I have noticed lately as straight acting as I am, I somewhat talk a little gay now and say hun, sexy, baby ... it's weird to go from oh hey dude to omg hey cutie hahahaha ...

I also have an amazing sex story from us that night .. and I thought I would share it, hope this is the place, if not sorry, and I will move it ...

After this all went down "the whole coming out" .. they let us go to his room to "cuddle" and watch a movie, they were so open to it, obviously I don't live close to them so I spent the night and the mother and father both said, you can sleep together just if you were to have sex please wear condoms, haha it was pretty fun and cute at the same time, especially for a parent to say that, but we are 23/24 ... you know semi older ...

We threw in "the town" if you haven't seen it RENT IT! and next thing I know, he is jerking me off under the covers, and then he is kissing me and getting me all rilled up .. it's pretty intense, I took his shirt off and kissed/licked his pecks and went down to the "v" region, if you know what I mean, where the stomach cuts in, ahh so sexy on men, DUH! and I started licking his cock and balls, getting them all wet it was amazing ... next thing I know were 69ing, and he's fingering me, which I love ... we did this for about 15-20 minutes and then he slide me to the end of the bed and slowly inserted his cock into my ass ... later I threw him on the floor and I sat on top .. which is my favorite, I got to take it all and bend over and kiss my man at the same time ... he finally was ready to burst and I let him go inside my mouth ... it is so hot, I am glad I am gay!

thanks, hope you enjoyed
DUDE, I am SO happy it all went so well!!!! Wooooo!!! I hope you have a great year with your man!!!

About the sex part, likey-likey lol, but you might have to remove it, idk what the others will say.. :/
Congrats Roy and your boy! BTW I hate you for having such an awesome relationship :p
XRIMO - I am sorry .. I didn't ever in a million years see myself coming to terms with my sexuality, having gay sex and sucking dick hahahahhahaha .. never
samsungroy Wrote:XRIMO - I am sorry .. I didn't ever in a million years see myself coming to terms with my sexuality, having gay sex and sucking dick hahahahhahaha .. never

Don't be sorry roy, I'm just jealous since I wish I had a man for myself Wink You two enjoy yourselves.
XRIMO Wrote:BTW I hate you for having such an awesome relationship :p

you know that soon Im gonna hate you for having an awesome relationship, right?
SlipknotRlZZ Wrote:you know that soon Im gonna hate you for having an awesome relationship, right?

Lol, we'll see slipknot, we'll see. Scatter

I didnt realize you wrote a coming out story .. do you got AIM? we can chat
ugh I need 10 posts to pm you haha2 more

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