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chat website recommended
As Gayspeak is such a fantastic website where a lot of cool guys and girls get together here
and i found a website that is made by my friend, he's been working very hard on it
formerly, it was soo popular website and a lot of people there....

now a day, those poeple spend their time on facebook and somewhere else, and stop completely go to my friend's website...

and soon it's gonna be gone forever..

so i would love to ask u guys for a little bit help.. to keep this website going...

if you have free time plz go to this website, spend a few minutes on it, and see if u like it or not, u can go to chat room to talk to other people... and my friend as well

or u can invite ur friend to go in there too
the website is ChatFix Home [/COLOR]

I can't thank you enough
I just checked it out. Everyone, check out Chatfix. It's a really great site. I was in the chatroom when I wrote this.
I will check it out as well
i checked it out already it looks much better
It's pretty fantastic. There's a webcam chat there! I would like to check it out and see if it's good or not.

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