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cosmic ordering works
I watched the movie version of the book the secret a few days ago. Id read the book the secret a few years ago and to be honest with you had forgotten all about it. Anyway the film talks about the theory of attraction, whatever you focus on you attract. So if you need money or a new home you spend a reasonable amount of time focusing on them and the universe(or God whichever you believe) gives it to you. I was a bit sceptical at first but thaught Id concentrate on getting a letter from fjp999 who I hadnt heard from in about a week. I spent the last couple of days I focused on getting a letter from him and really tried to imagine it as a reality. Lo and behold when I got home today a letter was waiting for me in my inbox. Ive also started writing a daily gratitude book cos if you focus on all the good things in your'e life you attract somthing better. Its allways good to focus on what youv'e got not what you havent anyway. If anyone wants to read the book its by Rhonda byrne. So thanks for the letter fjp999(It was the universe which made you write to me, lol)And thanks to cardshark and spottysocks who inspired me to watch the film.
You're not "focusing" on an LCD flatscreen so I say good for you dude.

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