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crush on a new guy
right so i know im gay and am getting to grips with it and i met this guy tonight but its not like in a sexual atmosphere was just out so he is very hot with blonde kinda curly and kinda long hair and a perfect face with a little cute jut in his nose, anyway getting back on topic, i have a crush on him and i have tried searching through friends on facebook to try and find him haha and can't :/ so i dont know if he is gay or not cause he is like close friends with the girls like i am but im gay and was hoping he was aswell but im not out so in dont wanna ask him if hes gay but a subtle way of finding out if possible? any ideas x
I'm not totally comfortable with this advice, but man, everyday someone posts a similar question.


Are you old enough to drink?

If so, have a drink with him. Relax, let the inhibitions down. Just talk, get to know him. Same thing even if you don't drink alcohol. But booze will make it easier.

Maybe you won't find out on the first try, but over time you'll get to know him.

Good luck.
Drive him by a series of phallic structures and observe his reactions. Snickering: maybe. Laughing: maybe not. Drooling: park somewhere dark.
i had the same problem abit ago, but i was already good friends with him before i realised that i like him so I found it fairly easy to just ask him if he's into guys. so i would say get to know him abit first then just ask him. you never know maybe he's wondering the same thing about you.
Why not ask a friend of his if she thinks he is gay... Word it like Is it me or does Mr Joe Bloggs appear slightly gay?? Call her bluff and she may actually say YES or NO then ya know Smile
you just met him so there is no bonding except if he might be gay. Will he out you if you ask him if he would be fine with you as gay; to be a friend or bf? Aside from this the next worst thing is he gets mad and walks off.
If either of these are ok just ask him.

Serious you know the gay population is tiny and the probability he be gay is small. Having a crush on a straight is more bad than a wast of your time. Just like you; he was made that way, you can't expect things to change.
yeh well i decided to tell 2 of my friend and they think that i should just ask some of his friends that if he is gay so hope he is haha

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