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daily style?
what do you wear on a average/daily basis? for me it would
:combat boots
:vans shoes(only own one pair)
:t-shirt/band shirt
:trench coat(if the weather is appropriate)
also, my family gives me wierd looks when i dress the way i actually want:biggrinSadis this at all surprising?)
It depends on my day off or not.... During work its just normal uniform however after work or days off i usually wear tracksuit attire with trainers... I dont do tight fitting T shirts i love massive shirts XL upwards yet i fit a M top as i got a 16 inch collar

Kindest regards

zeon x
Though your style seems a bit odd to the average person, you really should wear what you are comfortable in. I presume that that is either not your work attire or that there is no dress code at your job.

Frankly, so long as you are fully clothed, clean, and adhering to work dress codes, it is no one's business what you ware so long as you are comfortable and don't mind people giving you an occasional odd look.

As for me, work demands that I ware a jacket, tie, dress shoes and slacks. On my days off and when I am at home, I typically ware jeans; a button-up shirt, t-shirt, or sweater.
Oh i forgot my work uniform is very basic it consists of
Shirt, clip on tie, cheap grey trousers, magnum boots (crap make), big green coat, shower jacket High viz jacket, bumbag elastic bands envelopes pens radio hand held computer, digital camera hat radio and it goes on.... It counts as clothes and they are worn on you as you work

Kindest regards]
zeon lol
Hi, at home I usually wear jogging bottoms (Umbro) because they are so comfortable and I just love baggy sweatshirts, when I go out I wear jeans, shirt and whatever jacket comes to hand, oh and trainers. When I'm at work I am allowed to wear casual clothes. Confusedmile:
Days like these (sunny) im wearing shorts and T-shirts!
All of them in different colors and i love when T-shirts have a meaning...

Everydays clothes especially when im on the uni im just wearing a long sleeve (its cold where i am studying) and jeans... all star converse shoes

For the special days it really depends where im going...
Cotton pants or shorts or trackie dacks, T-shirt and hoodie if it's cool, i dress very casually at home.

Work uniform black pants, 'Work Logo' cotton shirt and a pair of black Docs
I am unemployed so noone can yet say to me about any dress codes. I wear quite average clothes combined with a rasta, hippie and hiphop twist with it, anything that fits with dreads but isn't to screaming. I wear a lot of jeans pants, khaki pants (Dunno what its called), tie dyed shirts, flannel shirts, regular shirts, hoodies, headband, Palestinian scarf, some rasta bead jewelry. I like T-shirts but i Cant be asked to only wear 1 layer of clothing since i i sweat uncontrollably specially at my back, so at least a shirt or anything over to cover.
It's hard to say because what I wear is adapted to the weather and what I'm up to. I have a wide range of fashion styles that I wear, including some I make for myself.

But I'd generally go with my bib overalls with tie dye tee underneath which I find good for a wide range of temperatures and I don't have to worry about messing them up when working on my crafts. When out and about (and when drinking for some reason) I also throw on a Che beret with red star which was a Christmas present from my best friend, and I also like the irony of it (the Che beret being made by the capitalist forces Che opposed).

But when it's hot and I'm just lazy I'll throw on some green cargo pants and a white, grey, or black top (or even just a sports bra). I sometimes throw a bandanna on top, too.

Please don't ask about my footwear, too, as this was hard enough as it is. :redface:

But back when I was a teen I often wore combat boots, spiked belts & wrist bands, mutlicolored hair, and a trench. I was proud of the trench coat that I'd decorated myself and thought it advertised to people I might get along with as a possible friend. But I found out later that many of my pagan and other symbols could be interpreted as hate (eg, I had "420" to show I was ok with pot smokers but found 420 also stood for Hitler's birthday). 'Course there were a couple of items that couldn't be misinterpreted (like my rainbow triangle), but it was disturbing to me how I might attract people to me who'd want to do me harm. And then I had a girlfriend who wanted me to become more feminine and I was only encouraged when my more feminine (and professional) appearance greatly improved my business so I finally abandoned my trench coat (and other items I often wore back then) as a coming of age relic (and it's very rare that I'll wear combat boots at all today). Though I'm completely comfortable with those who do dress that way. Confusedmile:
usually shorts and shirt but now its starting to get a cold so I'll probably start wearing jeans and wool sweaters/shirt

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