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daily style?
Jeans and a designer label t-shirt and always flip-flops if there isn't snow. If the weather is hot then i'll wear shorts. I am so bored with my look but i have no money to go shopping...
I wear a lot of military themed clothing, I also pretty much stick a earth toned color scheme that consists of greens, browns, greys and blacks.
I also have a okay collection of geek wear…
BattleStar Galatica x2
Big Bang Theory x4
Mass Effect
Medal of Honor
Punisher x5

I have 4 hats that I rotate throughout the week a Che Guevara hat, my Castro hat, a Punisher hat and a Samurai Champloo hat. An of my lastly my ever present goggle sunglasses that a wear year round.
I spend most of my time in the office. Nowadays I try to look dapper and smart as possible. Checkered slim cut designer shirt. Slim cut pants. Sweater (depends on the shirt and style). Most importantly, bow ties. I can tie my own bow ties and I am so proud of it. I suck at knotting a tie.

But when I am outside of my office surrounding, I am more comfortable wearing simple stuff like my ol' beat up black track suit, which I match with a plain white sleeveless t-shirt and old running shoes.

When I need to shop at a shopping mall that is located behind my house, I just wear a plain white t-shirt with my favorite gray cotton pajama pants with pockets pulled outside. I don't know why. The gray pajama pants actually belongs to my mom but she gave it to me because it doesn't suit her.

When I have to go outing to meet friends in a cafe etc., I upgrade my style by wearing designer casual dress wear. But I honestly prefer wearing simple and plain stuff.
for work it smart.wite shirt and trosers. i love fashon cloths .i jeans smart pattens and strippy shirt .i love wite jeans.and diffrent nice clothes.i love reto shops with my sister and chairtyshop and fashon like burtons joe borwns geoge at asda.i love topman bbut am to fat exept bags an shoes!it impotrnent and fell nice
if im just chillin out then im more into combats n trainers with tshirt anyone of the hardcore bands i like - but if im goin anywhere ill put the nice clothes on Smile tighter tshirts like superdry or similar,,,nice jeans, dont like trousers at all,,,and a nice pair of trainers - got a thing about them and have around 50 pairs give or take

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