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dans la mouise lol ( A lesson to be learnt)
A Lesson to Be Learned
A bird was flying south for winter, but he left home too late and was frozen solid in a storm. Helpless, he dropped down into a pasture of cows. The biggest, fattest cow was taking a crap there, and the bird landed right down in the middle of a steaming pile of it. At first, he was disgusted, until he realized that the hot poo was actually thawing him out!

Overjoyed, the bird began crying and singing as the ice on his feathers melted away. A crouching cat nearby heard the bird's cries. He stalked over, pounced on the bird, and ate it.

There are three morals to this story:

1. Not everyone who gets you into deep shit is your enemy;

2. Not everyone who pulls you out of deep shit is your friend;

3. If you ever find yourself in deep shit, it's best to keep your mouth shut.
OMG... love it... not exactly sure how to put those morals to use but will try.
I dont know if it really matters how you put them to use, just remember the story and the morals and you will sound smart and wise.
I thought you'd find the story entertaining, and slightly scatological, lol. :biggrin: It must be the Gaul in me that enjoys that aspect of things (though, I'd generally not find it so funny). Marshlander may be reminded of "A Year in The Merde". Has anyone else read it?
I think i ve read this before but now i am saving it! Wink

Time spent being less than happy is time waistedWavey




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