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i'm Marc and I feel a little groggy.

I like strepsils though so its not all bad.

Groggy... that could be fun.. depending on what your doing at the time.. hehehe :tongue:
What are strepsils?

They're Lozengers for sore throats.
Very Addictive hehe
I heard that if you suck on someone with one in your mouth that it feels good for the other person (The one getting the head), but I have never had anyone willing to experiment so I haven't tried it. Gosh, there are some boring people here...
Udabar u could try and spit on your glans while you're nibbling on a strepsil.Cool

U could also smear sambal on it I've heard but I would not recommend it.:biggrin:

In case you Britons never heard of sambal: it's indonesian seasonery, consisting of baked peppers. Less hot than tabasco.

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