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ever tried no underwear?
interesting one for u - ever tried going a day with no pants? i like underwear cos u can rly go mad with all th different styles n patterns these days, theyv become sexy but sometimes u jus gota go without, for that freedom feeling. nebody with me on that?Biggrina
bad if you get an erection
but the feeling is similar to wear loose boxers
lovely to feel 'those' waving from side to side =)
never gone a day commando.

Often go to bed without anything on though... especially on warmer / humid nights.
the thing is it makes you FEEL sexier, espcially if ur shirtless and its obvious thers no pantage. lol but i hate wearin baggy pants cos all th fabric gets caught up in ur trousersCry
I've slept nude here and there, but I haven't just walked around in my house without clothes on. I have in my boxer-briefs but not for any longer than 20 minutes, then I switched to my pajama pants. Tongue

- Mel.
i dunno why i find sleeping nude a bit uncomfortable... :S perhaps cos i'm not used to it
Sometimes if I want to feel a bit sexier than normal Smile

It really does make me feel more exposed which can lead to random erections if i'm sat on a leather sofa in a bar and someone sexy talks to me!

I also tend to sleep naked most night. I just prefer it that way.
yeh sleepin nude feels weird at first but then u just cant turn back... unless of course its a chilly night:eek:
hellocake Wrote:yeh sleepin nude feels weird at first but then u just cant turn back... unless of course its a chilly night:eek:

Exactly. I love sleeping nude in my big bed with silk sheets and duvet! Its fantastic Smile

When it gets cold though I tend to use a bigger duvet and wear my underwear.
no underwear for me as it's easier to get it out!

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