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Sit-ups will increased the strength of your abdominal wall muscles. That can reduce the tendency of your belly to 'sag'. It won't make your belly in particular any less fat but it may make it less noticeable.

Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.
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I enjoy walking, cycling and swimming. My diet hasn't changed since I was a, chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, fruit, yoghurt, chocolate, coffee, vegetables & meat, chocolate, salads, coffee, once in 2-4 weeks I will treat myself to Fast Food, chocolate.

My weight has always been between 60-64kgs on my 174cm frame, I have a little bit of a tummy, but hey I'm fit and healthy...and I'm a choco-holic.

I think fitness and muscle tone varies from person to person, some people have to work for it, others it just comes naturally. I think people have to find the balance between diet and excercise for their individual results.

ManicLewis, there are some great ideas here, it's a matter of finding the balance that works for you and gets the result that you want Wink

Would you like some chocolate?
I go jogging every day in the park. It is very good.
I need to get back on track with this myself. One thing I do a good job of is preparing meals ahead of time. For example, I'll pre-cook a bag of frozen chicken and cut them up and place them in baggies for the week. Then you can add whatever throughout the week; a common thing I do when being healthy is a bit of olive oil, the chicken, mushrooms, and a seasoning. And then at work, I know I have chicken at home, so don't feel like, "Man I should go grab take-out." I still need to do better with some of my snacking and on the exercising more, but at least my meals are healthy!

As for losing weight, as important as cardio is, it's important to not ignore strength training as this can help increase your metabolism. Short-term cardio will work but if you want to maintain, you need a balance that includes a bit of strength work.
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ah well you see im not exactl getting fatter- my stomach/gut is just getting bigger, and i just want it back down because it really makes my body look screwed up. im like a pregnant man. the stomach doesnt sag. but it folds, and i thinks thats a bit much. i must get rid of it somehow! so cardio will help me destroy it? i would also like to turn it into muscle. but not like the stereotypical guy with washboard abs. i just want to be slim.
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They get too spendy for me, but I've tasted a couple that were atually good and not too healthy food-y Smile

Another suggestion: be sure you're getting enough fiber. And if you have breads/grains, make them whole grain
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climbing stairs helps too! Confusedmile:

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