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family curse down below
thats true size is not really important, what i usually look for a man is the body heat..
Don't worry about your penis size. 5 inches is enough to please a man in bed. What you see in porn are the select individuals who happen to have larger junk. That's why they get the job.

Also, men with smaller dicks (when soft) usually grow to larger sizes when hard. I know a guy who's dick is about 5inches when he's soft, but doesn't get any longer when he gets hard.

I used to worry about my size a LOT. It's not a big deal.
5 is pretty standard. I like the ones that curve up while being 5 inches... those ones almost constantly bang on the prostate during missionary

The best ever was earlier last month, I was dry climaxing for 2 minutes at a time. Hmm... I think I should wake him up heh heh.
dfiant Wrote:I would like 5 inches to play with over 8 inches any day...too much ego attached to 8 inches.
Too much pain associated with 8 inches.
Sorry if one week is bumping.. just interested me
I have a small one, and I always worried what people would think.. but Im more confident now.and dont care
Personally im not attracted to big at all and as someone said people who have big ones talk alot about it which is irritating.
My favourite porn model has a small one, he's gorgeous :-)
Size is not important. I read a quote once that went "It's not the size of the penis, but the size of the heart that pumps the blood to it."

I am a "grower" and not a shower as well, and when erect, I'm at average size.
I like that quote thanks for sharing :-D
5 inches is perfectly big enough. 8 inches seems like it would be rather huge in fact and rather painful to try to take all of that. i dont really care about the size of a dick, just the personality and intellect that is with in the body that holds the dick. sex is more about communication than anything else a means by which two minds can come together.
Regardless what size a penis is if one doesnt know what to do with it its pointless people have different sizes and too big can be crap too small can be crap however just average is best i find Smile
Who cares about the size it all comes down to loving the guy you're with. Scatter

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