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princealbertofb Wrote:I find it great that they should think you're going to a festival, that at least denotes some festiveness in your clothing. Confusedmile:
Better than the man in the pub who wanted to know if I'd won the bet ...
Favourite fashion accessory?
Dan1089 Wrote:Favourite fashion accessory?
Neglect Wink
what is your cloths look like marshlanderConfusedmile:
joseph Wrote:what is your cloths look like marshlanderConfusedmile:
I'm a master of disguise, Joseph Wink Some days I blend into the shadows, other days I blend into Elmer the Elephant. More recently, with some of the lovely shirts that PA has bought me I would blend very well into a municipal flower garden Cool
thats very nice marshlander Confusedmile:

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