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fav country
as we have members from all over the world... i have a question for you if you could live in any country where would you choose
My choice would be the UK, but that is not an option
I like where I live right now...I might one day end up in Monterey California as it is maybe my favorite place in the world...I love the energy and the geography and the architecture and the history.

As far as other countries go...South American Countries captivate my attention the most. I love the people and the vibe.. Argentina or Brazil or even Chile or Columbia ...Bolivia or Ecuador...
I went to Japan with my family a few years ago and fell in love with the country, the culture and people. Would love to go back to Japan again maybe via an exchange program or some sort. Heard a lot of good thing about WWOOF, basically an organic farm exchange program, so I might try it out later this year if not then next year Confusedmile:
France - I absolutely adore it. :biggrin:
I would say Canada but it's not on there, so maybe... Germany Smile
The choice of countries is pretty restricted I'd say, just as example none of the Scandinavian countries are a choice, but I guess that's never a dream place to live in Lol Smile. If I had to choose from whatever country in the world I'd perhaps Australia, New Zeeland or Canada. But from the choices in the poll, I'd say Brazil. Eu Gusto!
Sometimes you need a bit of chaos in your life to be able to shrug off pitiful disdain about something meaningless.
Japan or Netherlands.

But Australia will always be where home is.
NZ is really pretty.

And my dad's side is descended largely from the Scottish (I'm a Cochran) and my mom's side from the Swedes (my granny is a Solberg and favorite cousin a Thorsen), and I'd like to visit both. Of course if I decided to move to Sweden I'd learn the language (but I bet I could pretty easily).

But none of those countries seem to be one of the choices listed.
i havnt traveled any to much to know

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