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fav liqour?
almost everyone likes to drink, what are you are your favorite liqours? I perfer Jack (American (Tennessee) whiskey), or Spiced Rum (usually capt Morgans)
i do jack on the rocks, put both with coke

also my fav mixed drink is still probably a cherry sour vodka, or is it vodka cherry sour, whatever :tongue:

im not a beer person, i find i can only stomach the darkest of beers for some reason, if im going to drink a 6% drink itll probably be somthing fruity like smirnoff ice
I'm not a liquor drinker... its way too nasty for me. Just give me wine and I'm fine :biggrin:
Budweiser ftw!
Sourz FTW

etc... I could go on, I tend not to drink as much to prevent me from drinking to much o.O
I can't help but like Vodka. I'm not sure why, but vodka based drinks are the on the top of the list.
I really do enjoy myself smirnoff ice though!
Like XRIMO, I'm good with just a glass of wine. Though sometimes I'll have a shot or two of peppermint schnapps Smile
Martini bianco+vodka.... White wine+ red bull.... and rakia... Big Grin
I'm a big fan of absinthe, which is kinda weird cuz I generally hate licorice. However the dreams you have after you drink it...whooo boy.
Whiskey's usually my liquor of choice...the Captain always comes through. Wink But good vodka is always a nice companion for a chill night. Some of my favorite mix drinks are 7&7 (Seagrams Seven and 7-Up) and Buttery Nipple (Bailey's and Dekuyper buttershots); I recently discovered that mixing vodka with a Yoohoo produces acceptable results (then again, I was already a bit drunk at the time). Also, on the few instances I've tried it, Seco mixed with grapefruit and pineapple juice was positively exquisite.

As for beer, Thomas Creek Up The Creek, Yuengling Black&Tan, or Newcastle all suit me fine. Not much of a light beer fan though. I can do without Bud Light (overrated), but Miller High Life isn't half bad for your money.

And I've always wanted to try absinthe.
Never liked the taste of any alcoholic beverage with the one exception Mead

and i do not partake of what i do not like
Miles. Instead of trying Yoohoo and vodka, try it with peppermint schnapps. Its fantastic.

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