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fav liqour?
I like grey goose vodka with a chaser but I get typsy with just a little so I am not much a drinker. Now any alcohol that tastes fruity I also like, but I dont do much of it.
Vodka, Red wine, and Champagne
I cannot stand vodka!!! Makes me wana puke!
I do love G&T!!!
can you consider a glass filled with some beer and a little bit of soda a liquor? if so, than that would be one of my favourite as well..
I've never drunk anything better than Jack Daniels whiskey.
Pseudo Rob Wrote:I've never drunk anything better than Jack Daniels whiskey.

You poor thing! My most heartfelt sympathies go out to you.

Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.
There's nothing like a good whiskey or vodka with lemonade and beer is good too as long as it's not some watered down crap. But if there's a good deal I'm ALWAYS down for a long island, sooo tasty
Not a Scottish malt or even a Irish whiskey mentioned.:frown:

So many too choose from!

Glenmorangie or Glen Moray or The Isle of [B]Jura [/B]are just a sample of the many fine malts from Scotland.
I can drink just about anything when it comes to alcohol.
But i don't really "like" any of them.(I don't even have a fave)

I'm more of a smoothie and milkshake kinda guy.:redface:
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so

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