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'fess Up
Since this is the confession room and there's the anonymous option right there, confess something which you normally wouldn't or can't in real life.
Hmm. Are you referring to sex or anything in general?

When it comes to sex.

I always project a good boy image but I am actually quite a bad boy. Something to do with religious student being the horniest. Things I would do in my mind but wouldn't do in real life.
  • Bondage. Nothing extreme. I was taught about it from my old friend who lives in San Diego. Tied up. Leather. Muffled your mouth with socks. Wink Actually I don't mind doing it with the right guy as long as it's not extreme. Something minimal only.
  • Tie up a guy on a bed or a lazy couch so I can study him in the name of science. Hmm, I actually don't have problem doing this in real life.
  • A quickie in an elevator. Fapping fantasy.
  • When I was a teenager I wrote a short fiction story about me living next to a nice straight mature widower who hasn't done sex for years. Let just say I spoiled him off.

There's more that I can't think of right now.

Ok, I feel dirty. I need a shower. I think. :biggrin:
If I may add. Not sure how this is relate to the OP's subject. Maybe it does relate:

Quote:confess something which you normally wouldn't

I always see myself as a bottom and all of my friends know that. I prefer to be 'dominated' by another guy.

But lately I have developed interest in becoming a top. I notice that the more thinner and muscular I become, the urge to become a top becomes clearer. But I only do top with a rule - The bottom needs to be either a bit meaty/chubby or feminine. I have a thing for meaty guy - more places to explore. As for feminine, it gives me more power to be more dominant and masculine. The louder the moan from the meaty or the feminine guy, the better.

But if I end up with a guy who is more masculine and muscular than me, I will automatically become a bottom.
Something I wouldn't normally confess to is that I find that while in a department store...If I see men's underwear at all whether it be on a sign, a mannequin, or just in a bag...I get instantly horny. :redface:
I'm afraid of heights! I can't climb ladders or go on roller coasters and such.
i have a thing for staring at a man's bulgeWink
I have a thing for men
I haven't gotten laid in the last year. Laugh Almost two years, actually. :p
I compare any guy to my first love and am waiting for the guy I dont have to do that with

I have that same problem Smile

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