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gay relaionships
ok i have never been in an gay relationship..

i just wanted to know out of curiosity
How does gay relationshps work?
i mean, who asks out one or the other, if were both males. i have seen too there is some sort of jeolosy involved between gay men (maybe has to do the manly nature?)
what do you do when you see other hot guy when youre in a date with a guy (i mean we both like guys?)
what do guys do???
Spend the time having a good relationship with yourself and the other will fall into place far more easily. Gay relationships like any other relationship run the gamut...depends on the individuals involved...good...bad...and everything in between.
A gay relationship is much like a heterosexual relationship. The obvious difference is that it's between two people who are the same sex. There's some other differences and stuff, but it'll feel like I'm writing an essay about it. I'll leave that to someone else.
Gay relationship is just similar to the straight one. Ask yourself the question, if 2 people in a straight relationship, how do they act if they see a hot guy/girl ?

It 's true that gay relationship face more difficulties than straight relationship. But flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all.
Anonymous Wrote:i mean, who asks out one or the other,

The one who got bored of waiting for the other to do it first.

Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.
simple a gay relationship is like a boy/girl relationship and they as well have their ups n downs.
I don't think it is the same at all. In all our years together I have never once been left wondering what PA really means when he says something Confusedmile:

We quite like inviting people round for a meal, but if going out is on the cards we usually just discuss it and decide whether we are going or not. Then we usually decide not to bother and watch another season of Desperate Housewives :tongue:

As for seeing hot men when we are out, there is no problem. What is the point? We both enjoy/prefer the male form and each knows that the other does too. One might well ask the other, "Did you see him?" or "Yes or no?" (as in is he/isn't he?). PA also makes a point of looking out for porn he thinks I might like. He is very considerate like that.

The point is, I suppose, we are secure in our relationship and we both regularly make a point of reminding the other how we feel about each other. He makes it very easy to love him Confusedmile:

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