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getting too drunk
whats the worst story when you've got too drunk? the worst i've had is obviously to send really awkward texts... on news years this year i said to a guy how much i like him... awkward lol. drunk now and thats already awkward. share guys!:biggrin:
Back in university, I was at a friend's place and we were drinking and playing cards. This other girl who I had several classes with was quite tipsy and insisted that we wrestle, me being the agreeable drunk was all for it. So we wrestled on the floor a bit, then she said that she wanted HER BOYFRIEND to show me how to throw people. So we went into a spare room and he threw her on the bed and the threw me and then left. She then rolled on top of me and said "Kiss me".
My mental breaks kicked in and it was the fastest I ever sobered up in my life. I began stammering that her boyfriends was just outside and I had to go. I put my shoes on, grabbed my coat and high tailed it out of there.

One other story, I was in Thessaloniki and one night at the hotel I smuggled in a bottle of wine. Because the hotel did not let us have drinks not purchased there I had to hide it. So I got a bottle of beer and a glass, after the beer I popped open the wine and thoroughly enjoyed myself. However, afterward is a little fuzzy and I really only know from accounts of people who saw me, but I had a few shots of ouzo and could barely walk. But I do remember on my way back to my room, I didn't even make it across the lobby before I had to beeline to a washroom and puke my guts out - the poor soul that had to clean that place has my deepest sympathy. Eventually I made it to my room and passed out... suprisingly my hangover the following morning was not that bad.
i never got drunk and when i never did i lost friends for not getting drunk so im always lonely thats my worst story
I'm sorry, I've never been really drunk. I would share ya stories though.
It was my boyfriends birthday and he had some friends and we all "pre-gamed" before we went to this dance club. At this dance club one of his friends was talking to me. We were alone in a chill area. Anyways after a little chat he asked me to make out with him "Just for a little bit" lol. A little bit turned into longer than I thought and another monogamous friend caught me with my tongue in this guys mouth. He told us to break it up (He was smiling so hard when he saw us.) He said he would keep it a secret. It would have been horrible for my boyfriend to know about that on his birthday Xd.
To be completely honest i used get completely smashed off hard liquor and black out. I cant remember those times and those were probably the worst Ive gotten drunk. Afraid to fall asleep because your breathing is so labored and you are afraid you might not wake up if you close your eyes.. Now that is drunk.
The worst time I can remember is new years 98/99. I went to a new years party with my older brother Matt and his girlfriend at the time at a buddys house. We started out the night with rum balls. I ate six and smoked some weed. I started getting hot and I needed to pee so i went downstairs to the bathroom. I got a head rush from standing up and walking downstairs I passed out while doing a face plant into the bathroom door. That was just after the rum balls and we still had 4-5 hours to go till the ball dropped at midnight. I went to the bathroom and went back upstairs.

The party started to get in full swing. I started drinking strong mixed drinks and smoked some more weed as the night progressed. Around ten oclock my stomach started bubbling and the room started spinning. I went to the bathroom and puked my guts out. I was dry heaving i was so sick from over indulging the smoke and drink. Drunk people started to get pissed off because I was passed out on the bathroom floor because I felt like i had to dry heave every 3 minutes. My older brother dragged me into a bedroom to sleep it off and pass out. Every 15 to 20 minutes I would dragged myself to the bathroom and try to puke but wasnt very successful because I was dry heaving. As the night progressed they threw a couple more people into the bedroom with me who were done partying for the night. One dude named Ross was on acid and was having a bad trip so they sent him into the room to lay down.

The next part is a blurr. Ross started abusing me in some way while I was completely hammered. I think he was punching me in my side. My brother got wind of it and world war three almost broke out at this new years party. A huge brawl almost broke out between my brothers friends and some other friends who were at the party. I was still puking every 15 to 20 minutes. I was so drunk I couldnt defend myself. Ross was so out of it on acid he started biting my side and knawing on me like I was a chew toy. I was defenseless because i was so drunk. All i could do was cry while wimpering in pain and take the abuse while he bit my side. I puked on the pillow that was on the bed and passed out eventually. Got woke up at 5 AM to leave to go home to my brothers girlfriends parents house to complete sleeping the night off. I woke up around 9 AM hung over as hell. I smoked my last few cigarettes while waitting for my brother and his gf to wake up. I laid back down again. Eventually my brother woke up and we went back to my parents house to drop me back off. I went into the bathroom and looked in the mirror. the side of my stomach was black and blue where Ross had bitten me the night before. You could see the teeth marks.

Needless to say I got a full apology from Ross and the host of the party when they heard what had happened the night before. Ross was an extremely cool guy while sober but when he had the bad trip on acid he lost his marbles for a time. I had a bruise on my side for the next two weeks from his biting me. That is the most memorable story I have while completely hammered. My brothers friend was pissed to find out somebody had puked on his pillow and didnt clean it up. I never did confess to to it. LOL.
Haha I enjoyed that story Marvinteck. Thanks for sharing.

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