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give me a sign....
i heard on GMTV this morning bout this new sign language trend in America called "the Bar Code" where people do signs across crowded rooms like saying "your cute" "wanna hook up?" "suck my noodle" i dunno that kinda thang lol

what do you think peeps?
hehehe.. I do that at work with people... But I sometimes don't mean it... They think :tongue:
yeah but they mite do it to someone who speaks with sign language and mite say "fancy poking my frootcake?" in the "bar Code" and be saying "You Got Herpies" in sign language :eek:
hrmm... *runs off you practice different signs before work*
Ha, that reminds me of when I dated a deaf girl and our friends would watch us sign and think the most innocent of signs were sexual.

Like the sign for in, ice cream, ran out, volunteer. lol.

Silly people.

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