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grr, is it just me who hates people snooping
as the title says.. is it just me who HATES when people go snooping through your private belongings... recently a few of my family thought it'd be funny to try find out what underwear i wear and they're the kind of people who assume someone is instantly gay just for wearing pink.. mix the two together and you get a family that looks down upon you -.- they specifically snooping around my room and my drawers whilst i was out shopping to find my multi-coloured choice of boxers, boxer briefs and briefs and well.. simply because one or two are pink and because they're briefs they keep quizzing me, making jokes and what not it's driving me nuts!!! :mad::mad:
Turn the tables on them. Show them how it feels.
It sounds just like harmless fun, but on the other hand if someone in my family had been snooping around in my underwear draw I would be upset too...
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Heh, that's a pretty strange thing to do, but i know some people who think it's absolutely normal.
I have had some visitors opening my drawers and cupboards at random and going trough my computer files without any reservations. Was quite annoyed. When i kicked them out, they thought i was nuts or something. Big Grin Thankfully, i don't have anyone in my family who is doing that sort of thing.
Never do any snooping myself and feel better off not knowing what kind of underwear my relatives are wearing. Big Grin
Haha yeh, it's a few younger cousins etc mainly though word spreads and what not so now they all seem to know -.- they were up visiting and well.. things happen but yep.. pretty upset is the perfect description for it.
As a child I had no privacy, my mother would go through my stuff frequently - as a result I grew up to be hyper protective of my privacy.

While I don't have anything that I don't mind people knowing about, I feel extremely violated when someone looks in my medicine cabinet, my cloths drawers, my closet, etc.

Violated is the key here.

I do not know what your living situation is, I assume you still live with the folks. however you should have a bit more privacy being an adult (age 18+) regardless.

If they were looking for drugs that's one thing, but looking through your underwear - well it just sounds creepy regardless of why they said they are going through it.

As for the gay thing, tell them that you may wear pink underwear, but you don't go poking around men's underwear drawers which is kind of a gay thing to do. Shame them - shame them hard. Turn it around on them. Tell them that going through another persons underwear drawer is kind of creepy, like what kind of sexual deviant does that? Creepy.

Make them embarrassed for their actions. Make it sound 'weird' - shame them with their own actions. Ask them if they go through Dad's or Grandpa's underwear drawer too.

In all honestly start seriously thinking about moving to your own place. If they are willing to go through your underwear, what else are they willing to do???
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Eromir Wrote:going trough my computer files without any reservations. Was quite annoyed. When i kicked them out, they thought i was nuts or something

I've never known anyone who thought going through someone's computer files without permission was acceptable behavior. And it's not just how many have porn on their computer because my girl got into some trouble. Over at a friends place her friend wanted to show her a youtube vid but couldn't find it so my girl found it via the history logs. As it turned out the mother had been signed into YT last so when they clicked on it they were in the mom's account. The mom happened to see this (this was in the living room and she was watching them) and threw my girl out as a "computer hacker." After spreading she was a computer hacker who hacked her YT account she wasn't allowed on anyone's computer at the complex again after that.

Bowyn Aerrow Wrote:looking through your underwear - well it just sounds creepy regardless of why they said they are going through it

This. My inclination would be to call them perverts, though I'm aware someone like me saying something like that would come off as weird to them (not that I care).
A friend of mine told me he got into some serious trouble (including a session with a belt) because of how he responded to his guardians constantly searching his drawers looking for "inappropriate" books (ie, not approved as "Christian enough"). He had an electronic kit and designed an alarm that was powered by light so it was quiet in his underwear drawer but when it was opened it energized and emitted a piercing screech. He was told that the one who set the alarm off said she saw a bunch of juryrigged components and wires and thought "bomb." Rofl
Oh my...this is one of the things I dislike the most and I can turn into a real bastard in a second if you invade my space in any way. Conversely I do not invade anyone else's space.
Any incasion of privacy without your consent is somewhat akin to rape... That's how people must feel when they've been burgled. I don't see why people don't get it...

Aside of this, if they're going to snoop around your stuff, they should at least have the discretion not to let you know it's happened... whatever their motivations, and to keep the findings to themselves.

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