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Hello everyone!! I'm Valid and I'm 20 years old. I actually has been here for 3 days but I was just lurking around (i like to lurk Kloguck) until a message showed up in my page saying that this forum will automatically delete a zero-post count member. so, i better post something here because i don't want to leave this place. I like this forum becausewhen i read all of your stories, I feel like i'm not alone.
i've been reading lots of stuff in here but too shy to make comments or posts something. :redface:

so, nice to meet you guys! hopefully i can make friends in here! Confusedmile:
Welcome to the site, I hope you enjoy your stay! and you totally will make good friends here Smile
Hello & Welcome Confusedmile:
Greetings lurker Wink
Welcome to the forums.
Welcome to the forums Valid (I like your name by the way) Confusedmile:

Glad to see you decided to de-lurk and join us! Hope you make many new friends here Confusedmile:
welcome and please dont lurk, join in on the threads.
Welcome to the forum Valid
Welcome! Wavey
Still wondering what I'll be when I grow up.
Hello Valid Welcome

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