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hello everyone
Hi new to this site not new to this world, just thought I would post & say hi. I'm a bixexual married guy in his 40s living in the States. I'm guessing I'm waaaay older than most people here, but figured I would give it a try anyway. I'm a total bottom in bed with guys, and I'm pretty sexual. Hope everyone is starting the new year off well.
Welcome! :]]
Welcome to the GS community of friends

you are not the only old guy here I am 50 and there are many more mature people here as well.

just to let you know this is not your normal gay site, not for hooking up as it where, it is a site to chat and make friends and give and get good advice on issues you may have.
hello welcome enjoy your stayConfusedmile:
Welcome to GaySpeak NJB you are certainly not the only one over 40!
<creaky_old_man's_voice> Hello. Welcome, young man. </creaky_old_man's_voice>
Hi, welcome to GS. I'm guessing the NJ stands for New Jersey? Yeah I live very close to NJ. I hope ya like this forum.

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