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Hello Azulai and Welcome to GaySpeak. I don't find it weird either that you are exhausted by all this prying into your love / sex life. It becomes quite annoying when people so immediately assume that you are straight. It's a bit narrow-minded in this day and age (almost wrote gay and age, lol). Do people think it's so easy to find a partner, or be in a relationship? I'm sure it's mostly well meaning, but enough already!!! :frown: Good luck with coming out to your friends and family.
Very pleased that you have found this site useful, Azulai.
As far as answering posts that are a week or weeks or months old, feel free... There is no rule on this. Some people dig up old old threads and rekindle the question or debate. It is also true that some things have been quite well covered over the years, but every time you answer someone's specific question, new little nuances arise which go for the new situation, so keep posting... Thanks for your contributions.

Glad to make you feel welcome.

If you don't want to do hook-ups then don't do them. Perhaps you need a guy who will take you on quiet romantic dates?

You're a mechanical engineer of course you want to think things through. Trouble is people are not simple and logical like engines. (One of my best friends is an engineer).

Posts that are a week old are fine to reply to, posts that are a year old, are best left as they are.

P.S. The easy answer to STDs and trust is just use a condom.

Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.
hellow and welcome

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