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Hi, everyone. I'm a new one for this forum. I'm living in Asia now,and i want to meet new friends on this website.
I'm 26.
Hi Juaid, welcome to GaySpeak. We have plenty of nice people here. I'm sure you will make friends.
Greetings and welcome to the forums Juaid! :biggrin:

Hope you enjoy yourself here and make many new and wonderful friends Confusedmile:
welcome to the forums dude.
Welcome to the site! Smile You'll find the friends you're after here.
Hi welcome to the Forum. Confusedmile:
G Day and welcome to Gayspeak Wink
Hello andWelcome
hey there, welcome to gs! hope you stick around, do u speak mandarin?
Welcome! Wavey
Still wondering what I'll be when I grow up.

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