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hi new lad here
I've found this forum daunting and yet have stayed because I'm not new to forums. I've participated and participate in MANY. This one seems more cumbersome to navigate and settle into, but I'm hanging in there because the content thus far has good variety and I like that it is multicultural. I still find myself opening and closing so many windows to get to where I want to go, see what I want to see and post where I want to post. Again, it seems like that. I'll need to spend more time before I give specific feedback to the administrator. I love the people and that appears to be the best part thus far! Confusedmile:
O.K. who tormented the new guy?
Rainbowmum Wrote:O.K. who tormented the new guy?

It takes a certain sophistication to not let yourself be overwhelmed with this forum. Another idea is that many join under an initial ID and decide to change it for whatever reason and leave only to return.

I bet if we could study the forum data we'd find the initial older members lasting longer than the younger ones because of our practice with frustration tolerance!Sagrin
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