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hot but smelly
i'm very attracted to a guy that doesn't shower everyday..
i've tried hinting about how strong his smell is, then i feel weird.
he doesn't smell nasty; its more how his scent is a lot more intense.
the few times i've told him; he joked that i must want him..
i really didn't think about that; so now i feel like im after him.
If you can't live with it? He's not for you.

I personally couldn't deal with that. Good hygiene is important for not just odor reasons, but also for health reasons.
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I simply can't understand how a person does not shower everyday. I have a co-worker who is not bad looking, he is a very good worker, 35y old and he always had a bad odor the thing is he still lives with his parents yet he smells everyday and I don't mean after hard work, but from the start, he doesn't wash his workclothes regularly and his casual clothes are really outdated.

Sinds a couple of months it got better. Once a week or 2 weeks he might have a bad odor. So I'm guessing he's working on it.

Once in my previous work there were custumors complaining about another custumor her odor. She was a nice girl but overweight and indeed smelly after 5 min dancing.

I talked to her in private and told her that there are custumors complaining about your smell and she started crying saying "I know it's a fight I loose everyday becaus I'm overweight" and I told her, you are probably using a spray deo? And she said yes. I told her "then it's time to win, try using nivea rollover" next weekend she came to the bar so happy and she said "It worked!!! Hug me and see for yourself!!!" And I hugged her and indeed nothing but nice scent of parfum. You could see how more comfortable she was and happy.
To be honest, no matter how attractive I find someone, if he has poor hygiene then he is not for me. That's that.

I don't know how well you know this guy in order to just say, hey, you smell rather strong. You are probably not the only one who's noticed it anyway.
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i get it that men/guys/boys/males have this signature smell that is sexy and all but please don't go beyond that ..
Not a problem for me. If I like the guy, I don't really care about this.
''Do I look civilized to you?''
So get with him and take him into the shower with you. Smile

Or give him one of those scented shower gel sets as a Christmas gift. Maybe he'll take the hint.
Wish I could shower everyday, just my hair goes all weird and fluffy, I was every other day. Unless I can smell myself. But I do insist on having a shower if sex is involved.

I love having baths but don't own one any more.

I do actually like the smell of guys, not gross levels though.
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I would think stinky people don't know they stink because they don't smell their own smell.. it only makes sense... If someone stinks, or their breath stinks, and I care... I tell them... start off with something along the lines of "I say this with love.." and recommend what you do to stay fresh, so they don't feel ridiculed or alone. Be nice about it, and connect on a personal level. it's a touchy subject, but honesty is fundamental.
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If he stinks normally, as in you can smell his body while he has clothes ON at a distance, IMAGINE how it would be if your face is buried in his crotch or backside or even him snuggling you or vice versa. Someone that stinks would be too much for me, much too much. Furthermore typically when something has an odor its due to the presence of bacteria and said bacteria's byproduct, do you want that in your body regardless of orifice? If your OK with that then all is good. Honestly I MUST a shower every morning or I feel crusty, sometimes have crud in the corner of my eyes etc then I usually always shower before bed and even during the day after a hike/run Im ready to get outa my dirty sweaty clothes. Perhaps that is not the case with him but I couldn't imagine going DAYS with ought a shower.
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