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how do you know the guy above is gay
NOT stating the obvious like because he's on this site, its in his profile.

you hear so many gays crushing on the straight class mate, co-worker, room mate:
[Image: man_crush_t_shirt-p235721514579482474zv2ei_400.jpg]
does it matter?
Because he identifies as gay, that's all I need.

Besides, its not really my business to pry into the sexual lives of others though. If he claims he is gay, bi, straight, whatever - that's good enough for me.
Even then, that shirt could be a gift from his GF or wife, so I wouldn't know for sure if he didn't tell me, or hist on me or something.
Well you don;t have to wear t-shirts with "I'm gay" , or talk all girly like; i like the guys to say they are gay with a sincere smile
Stereotyping comes to mind ?
Get to know the person and accept them for who they are X
It's just a shirt in my eyes.

No need to flaunt sexuality around because no one is asking for it.
get to know him first before you start assuming things because as we all know ASSUME makes an ass out of you an me
It's just a shirt , no big deal.

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