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how old is gayspeak?
what date was launched im hoping that its young cause id like to see many more members in the future even tho there is a selective group of nice and very helpful people on it.
Well meta data lists the earliest copyright date as 2002, so it's at least that old.
Andy the webmaster has a join date of Feb 2007, so I'm guessing around there.
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i wish it was as popular as facebook....
I'm happy with it as it is now, if it was as popular as facebook, I dought I stay as I'd come on to find millions of posts XD be so anoying trying to keep up.
We agree.... It's for the select few, innit? Wink
i guess i just wish more members did anything besides read posts, i see accounts a year old with like 5 posts oh well it is what it is.
Some people just prefer listen over "speak". I guess Wink
well if this was made in 2000 then then thats great because people on here still writing posts cause most forums by now would be done.:biggrin:
dasbas Wrote:i wish it was as popular as facebook....

NO, that would be a very very bad thing. Then my ex would find it and he would totally go off on me and everyone here. So no... I'm glad it's not as popular as Facebook.

How old is GaySpeak? I think it's about 4-6 years old. Has it really been around since 2002? Then I guess it's over 8 years old.

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